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Chios, Greece, Kataraktis


Chios Hotel is located in the region Kataraktis of Chios. Kataraktis is a wonderful, traditional village found in the Eastern coast of the island.It is approximately twenty minutes far from the main town of the island and every half an hour buses bring you in the town. The residents of this village are seamen, fishermen, and mastic cultivators. Summertime in this village is an extraordinary experience.
Chios Hotel is built on plain where deep green vegetation and olive trees prevail. The hotel is located in a very quiet place, where the visitor can have an overview of the life of the village. The balconies have a spectacular view to the whole north east Aegean Sea and the coast of Turkey.

The accommodation is surrounded from olive and mastic trees and from the garden of the hotel that spreads aroma in the whole atmosphere. The apartments are very spacious and cool. Almost all the rooms have window in the north in order to cool the hot days of the Greek summer. Each one of them allocates cooker, refrigerator, a big bathroom and a convenient place to sit and enjoy your time.

In front of the Hotel we have built a very nice and big swimming pool that is used only from our guests. For us is very important that you enjoy your holiday, and we focus on this direction. In case you want to have your vacation in a traditional Greek village, near by the coast, away from the crowded touristy place then Chios Hotel should be your choice.

Enjoy your vacations at Chios Hotel!!

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